“The Truth”

According to the Better Business Bureau, over 90% of all industry complaints in 2011 came from just 8 Order Gathers. (That's an internet only ".COM" company that never creates or designs a single arrangement, they just take your order, collect your money and often keep over 50% of what you pay in commissions, service charges & relay fees.) Through their deceptive business practices, they create a "False Expectation" for you, the consumer because local florist are required to only fill these orders to value. In the floral industry they are known as .CON's.

They are the following:

FTD.CON (557 complaints)

WESLEYBERRY.CON (535 complaints)

JUSTFLOWERS.CON (350 complaints)

FROMYOUFLOWERS.CON (274 complaints)

PROFLOWERS.CON (225 complaints)

1800FLOWERS.CON (198 complaints)

BLOOMSTODAY.CON (197 complaints)

We just thought you should know the truth! Please take the time to shop and buy flowers through a local florist you know and trust. For more information please go to our "ABOUT US" page at the top and click on "The truth about Order Gather's" or just click the following link "THE TRUTH".

If you are also interested at all about a major law suit that been brought against 1-800 flowers, please read the following New York Times article below.