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OSU Sororities

The University Flower Shop has been serving the Ohio State University Fraternity and Sorority Members for over 80 years. From the initial pledging ceremonies in the Fall all the way to Spring initiation, we help make it a moment to remember!

 We know the flowers and colors for each Fraternity & Sorority on campus and take pride in creating the perfect floral bouquet for each person.

OSU Sororities include:

ALPHA XI DELTA 76 E. 15th Ave. Dark & Light Blue & Gold Pink Rose
ALPHA SIGMA UPSILON 250 E. Oakland Ave. Royal Blue & Silver Pink Carnation
ALPHA PHI 134 E. 15th Ave. Silver & Bordeaux Forget Me Not & Lily of The Valley
ALPHA OMICRON PI 84 E. 15th Ave. Cardinal Jacqueminot Rose
ALPHA EPSILON PHI 200 E. 17th Ave. Green & White Lily of the Valley
ALPHA CHI OMEGA 103 E. 15th Ave. Scarlet & Olive Green Red Carnation
CHI OMEGA 1770 Indianola Ave. Red & Yellow White Carnation
PI BETA PHI 1845 Neil Ave. Wine & Silver Wine Carnation
KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 55 E 15th Ave. Dark & Light Blue Iris
KAPPA DELTA 116 E. 15th Ave. Olive Green & Pearl White White Rose
KAPPA ALPHA THETA 1861 Indianola Ave. Black & Gold Pansy
DELTA ZETA 212 E. 15th Ave. Rose Green Pink Rose
DELTA GAMMA 131 E. 15th Ave. Bronze, Pink & Blue Cream Rose
DELTA DELTA DELTA 229 E. 15th Ave. Silver, Gold & Blue Pansy