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Mother's Day 2024

Mother's Day 2024

A note from Christine (Mom & Flowershop Owner) In the hustle and bustle of life, one thing that has become crystal clear to me is the preciousness of time spent with family. Our lives can pivot in an instant, and amidst all the changes, time stands as the cornerstone of our most treasured memories. As Mother’s Day appr... Continue Reading

April 16, 2024


Legand of the Lilies

At Christine's University Flower Shop we carry a wide variety of lilies on a daily basis in all colors. The legand of lilies indeed hold significant cultural symbolism across various societies and historical periods. Their association with purity and innocence is widespread and deeply ingrained in many cultures. For example: Anc... Continue Reading

March 21, 2024


Discover the Romance of Valentine’s Day at Christine's University Flower Shop!

Our commitment to direct sourcing not only broadens our floral spectrum but also allows us to offer cost-effective solutions, passing on the savings to our valued patrons. With proximity to flower farms, we reduce the time between harvesting and arrival at our Columbus flower shop, ensuring our talented designers work with the f... Continue Reading

January 16, 2024


Chrysanthemums are Fall's Flower of Choice

Chrysanthemums, commonly known as "Mums," are not only beautiful but also long-lasting cut flowers that can enhance any floral arrangement. If you want to make your floral arrangements unique to Christine's and the University Flower Shop in Columbus, OH, here are some tips and insights on caring for chrysanthemums:   Chrysa... Continue Reading

October 20, 2023


Discover Fresh and Exciting Halloween Floral Gifts at Christine's and the University Flower Shop!

Celebrate Halloween in a unique and enchanting way with Christine's and the University Flower Shop in Columbus, Ohio. While Halloween typically conjures images of eerie costumes, spooky decorations, and haunted houses, we invite you to explore a different facet of this beloved fall holiday - Halloween Flowers.   A Glimpse ... Continue Reading

October 19, 2023


It’s always been Ohio against the world!

I have never blogged about Ohio Sate Football before, but what Coach Day said at the end of the Notre Dame game and at the press conference made me want to scream O-H-I-O !!!! Lou Holtz said a few days earlier in an interview that he predicted Notre Dame to win the big game because and in his own words “You look at coach D... Continue Reading

September 27, 2023

Four Striking Fall Flower Arrangements

As autumn gently sweeps across Central Ohio, and the vibrant colors of nature begin to change, there's no better time to embrace the beauty of fall flower arrangements. At Christine's and the University Flower Shop, your local florist, we have curated four truly stunning flower arrangements that will capture the essence of this ... Continue Reading

September 19, 2023


Sympathy Bouquets in a religious gifted item!

Honor your loved one with an exquisite delivery of one of our religous floral gifted items that include a number of different design style arrangements for the funeral service or home. Your sympathy bouquet will be arranged by one of our designers at Christine's and the Uinversity Flower Shop or one of our local florist partners... Continue Reading

September 12, 2023


"Lagniappe" a little something Extra! Extra!

"Lagniappe" is a french word meaning "a little something extra"! Pronounced "Lan Yap" the phrase is used primarily in the South Eastern part of the United States. Especially in the New Orleans area or what is often called Canjun Country. When Christine first opened her doors in Bexley in 1997, at the time there were 9 other flow... Continue Reading

September 01, 2023


Exploring Life as a Capital University 1st Year Student

  1. Experience Campus Life at Capital University: Nestled in the charming town of Bexley, Ohio, Capital University offers a unique blend of academic excellence and community engagement. Take a stroll through the picturesque campus, enjoying the historic architecture and serene surroundings.   2. Explore Christine's Fl... Continue Reading

August 09, 2023


Advice to incoming 1st Year College Students

  1. Explore the University District  Ohio State University is located in Columbus, Ohio, which offers a vibrant and diverse University District surrounding the campus. Take the opportunity to explore the various restaurants, cafes, and shops in the area, especially the University Flower Shop at 254 W 10th Ave. across ... Continue Reading

August 01, 2023

Your trusted Florist for Schoedinger Funeral Homes

At Chritine's University Flower Shop, we take great pride in being your local Columbus florist, specializing in crafting heartfelt sympathy flowers for all Central Ohio Schoedinger Funeral Homes Through our Sympathy Tribute Store you can choose from our Unique Sympathy Flower Collections. In times of grief, finding the right exp... Continue Reading

July 31, 2023


Our Partnership with the Scarlet & Ribbon Gift Shop inside the OSU Medical Center

We're thrilled to share our stories with the different partnerships we have forged throughout the years. This story is about our partnership with the Scarlet & Ribbon Gift Shop, conveniently located inside the Ohio State University Medical Center at 410 W 10th Ave.   Situated just a block away at 254 W 10th Ave, you wil... Continue Reading

July 14, 2023


Ignite Your Mid-Summer Romance with Exquisite Blooms from Christine's and the University Flower Shop

Indulge in the allure of hibiscus flowers, a timeless choice for mid-summer romance. Known for their association with love and passion, these vibrant blooms are an ideal gift for your beloved. Explore the rich hues and enchanting petals that make hibiscus a delightful expression of affection. For an affordable yet extraordinary ... Continue Reading

July 12, 2023


June is Rose Month!

At Christine's University Flower Shop in Columbus, Ohio, we deeply appreciate the significance of June and its special connection to the timeless rose. Throughout centuries, the rose has enchanted hearts with its wide array of colors and captivating fragrances. It carries a universal language of love, making it an exceptional ch... Continue Reading

June 16, 2023


National Nurses Week

In commemoration of Florence Nightingale's 100th birthday, National Nurses Week was introduced in 1954 to honor the legacy of the renowned British nurse, reformer, and statistician who is credited with establishing modern nursing practices. Nightingale's efforts during the Crimean War led to a significant reduction in deaths cau... Continue Reading

May 09, 2023


Who holds the most important position at a flower shop?

The answer may surprise you! While some may argue that the Designers are the backbone of a flower shop, we hold our Drivers in the highest regard. In today's world where online and phone orders dominate most retail, especially the floral industry, it's difficult to establish a personal connection. Our Drivers serve as the "Face ... Continue Reading

April 25, 2023


Origin of Mother's Day in America

Ann Jarvis devoted herself to unifying people on both sides of the Civil War, establishing the "Mother's Day Work Clubs" to improve sanitary conditions and medical care for all soldiers, regardless of their affiliations. Anna, inspired by her mother's noble actions, established Mother's Day as a national observance to honor her ... Continue Reading

April 21, 2023


Prom Season is Here!

It’s nearly prom season! And that means one thing—it’s also time for prom flowers. Along with the tradition of prom dresses, ill-fitting tuxedos, glamorous photo sessions, and awkward slow dancing, there’s another great prom tradition: flowers for prom! Most traditionally, couples choose to buy prom corsa... Continue Reading

April 14, 2023


Administrative Professional's Week

AWE YOUR ADMIN WITH FLOWERS! Christine's and the University Flowers Administrative Professionals Day Flowers are the perfect way to say "thank you" to an administrative professional for all that they do for you. National Administrative Professionals’ Day, also known as Secretaries Day or Admin Day, recognizes the professi... Continue Reading

April 11, 2023

From The Beginning

Welcome to the first blog post for Christine's and the University Flower Shop. We have always enjoyed talking to our customers about flowers, people, relationships, love, loss and all those special moments in all our lives that don't necessarily define us, but most certainly influence us, on who we are, who we want to be and who... Continue Reading

April 10, 2023


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